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Day 61 in our garden

This day was another blustery day. It started with a vibrant rainbow at about 6:15 but by the time I was decent enough to stand near a window with my camera it had faded. The one that got away. What a shame.

I ventured into the garden a couple of times to see if we had any Mint Moths. No! But I did notice the the new Hydrangea is really suffering with the wind. It is getting quite badly damaged as the gusts whip the new growth around.

Under the window at the front I did notice this tiny yellow flower though. I think it is one that I am supposed to have weeded out to allow the other plants to grow. Herb Bennet or Wood Avens. (Geum urbanum) It is recognised as a weed but I won’t hold that against it.

With only the 1 thing for the Day I am also using the photo as the header image.

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