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Day 62 in our garden

We have had the Clematis covered in flowers; I think it is now the time for the Honeysuckle, they are starting to open now. The header image is of one of the first Honeysuckle flowers to open on the arbour in the back garden.

It was last year at the Photography Show in Birmingham that I bought my Macro lens that I have been using quite a bit in the garden. I have now taken delivery of a ring flash to use with it. The flash fits to the front of the lens and I have tried it out a few times and I am pleased with the results. One of the biggest changes that it allows is a smaller aperture which then gives a much greater depth of field. The Bumble Bee was taken using the flash and I think it is much clearer than a lot of similar posed shots I have taken.

The Honeysuckle was also taken using the ring flash and that has resulted in the leaved further back being a lot darker. It makes the flower contrast more with the background which has some benefits but it also makes it a bit “unreal”. Perhaps I need to play around with the flash power so that it isn’t too dominant.

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