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Day 63 in our garden

The header image for Day 63 is a photo to show that the cherries are starting to ripen.

The new thing for today is the Large Red Damselfly (Pyrrhosoma nymphula). I have seen one fleetingly over the last few days but on Day 63 I was ready. It didn’t stay long but it was there long enough on the Sage to get a photo of it. Damselflies usually have their wings along the body and this one is red, has black legs and dark spots at the ends of its wings so is a Large Red and has yellow markings so is female. This is assuming I am reading the British Dragonfly Society web page correctly.

The other two images I am including for Day 63 are a KLM flight high above taken with my long lens and a Bumble Bee on the Chives taken with my macro lens and ring flash.

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