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Day 65 in our garden

Day 65 and there are a couple of spiders in this post but I have put them at the end. The header image is of a Shield Bug on one of our windows.

One thing I have noticed recently is that is you click on any of the images you are presented with one that is much clearer, especially if you are viewing it in a normal browser on a laptop or desktop computer.

At last! I had been hoping to see one of these soon. These two photos are of a Mint Moth on the Oregano. It looks as though I need to pull some grass out of it.

I had to follow this pair of Large Red Damselflies around the garden before they settled long enough for me to get a photo. The same with the Small White butterfly. Usually they come over one fence float along and then disappear over the next fence.

Near the Oregano we have a Dog Rose that is full of flower buds, some of them are showing their colour and a couple have opened. The first flower is not a particularly good shape. I am sure later ones will look much better.

I am still impressed with the Hebe Parahebe though. The flowers are tiny but when you get up close they look great.

I’m hoping that we will have Lady bird larvae around soon because this Two Spot Ladybird doesn’t seem too interested in getting rid of the Aphids that we have on the Rosa Bonica in the front garden.

It looks like we had some slugs and snails taking refuge under the water butt stand that I moved when I was cutting the grass. These appeared in the middle of the “lawn” where I had temporarily put the stand.

And now for the photos of some more little things, including the spiders. First a Vine Weevil that flew off the Runner Beans before I could catch it and put it in another garden. Then 3 varieties of fly followed by two small spiders.

So that you don’t have to scroll past the spider’s to see the link here’s Day 64 in our garden.

And now the spiders.






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