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Day 66 in our garden

Have the header image eyes got your attention? A few Larger Red Damselflies have been through the garden now, and I got up close and personal with this one.

This one was on the Buddleia for a while.

Another colourful thing in the garden, though a lot smaller, is the Mint Moth. This one looks as though it is laying eggs on the stalks of the Oregano.

The other day when I posted the photo of the first Dog Rose flower I did say I was not happy with the look of it so here’s two new ones that i think look a lot better.

A photo of a Red Spider Mite is below.

I have saved the two new things for last. We have lots of tiny Red Spider Mites running about the walls of our front garden. The other photo is of Cuckoo Spit on our Chives, the stuff produced by the nymph of the Froghopper.

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