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Day 69 in our garden

Day 69 in the series is the last day of May and we are still getting new things in our garden for the posts. Day 69 sees a new spider and a couple of plants getting into flower. The header image is of six Greylag Geese flying over our garden. I am saying that they are Greylag because the underwing has a light patch on it.

These three plants are new for the series. Toadflax, we have that growing in the front and back gardens and a few flowers on Basil – this is in our kitchen. We buy living Basil to use as a herb and it often starts flowering. The last one shows Haws starting to grow on the Hawthorn.

If you have been here before you possibly know that I like the Large Red Damselflies that have been around and also the Mint Moths that show on the Oregano and Sage.

During the day we had a flock of Long Tailed Tits work their way through the hedge and trees at the end of the garden. Quite a few of them were juveniles, like these two. The one with its beak open stopped for a few seconds with its feathers, including its tail, spread as though it was trying to catch the heat of the sun. It had its beak open so that it could also cool itself down.

Spider below.

This Harlequin Ladybird was doing its best to not be in the sun. It kept moving so that it was in the shade. The spider also tried to stay in the shade. Candy Stripe spider (Enoplognatha ovata) is the suggestion I have from someone that is better at IDs than I am..

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