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Day 7 in our garden

Today did not play ball. Wildlife was skulking today apart from the regulars of Blue Tits, Dunnocks, Blackbirds and the like. What I am trying to do is show something new each time (I might switch to weekly) but ones that I know are around are not showing themselves. I have had brief glimpses so watch this space, I may have better luck soon.

A Crow did perch in next-door’s tree for a while, I then decided to take my camera round to the front of the house where it was easier to spot Crows. The distant trees had large black shapes in them and so did a TV aerial across the road. I wonder what kind of picture they get when 3 Crows are perched like that? The header image is one that flew over. While round the front I did spot a bird that I hope to be able to include but today it was too quick.

These two creatures, a Squirrel and a Blue Tit are perched on top of the Blue Tit’s house. Both looking quite cute so worth including even though both have featured in this series.

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