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Day 70 in our garden

Yet again, on Day 70, we had a flock of Long Tailed Tits flit through the back garden so I have included some photos of them for the day. There’s nothing new but I am also publishing a page covering this series and I have added the page to the Places menu option. I will try to add a link to the summary page on all the other posts in the series.

The header image is of the beady eye of a Wood Pigeon.

I have posted several photos of the Albertine Rose but this photo of it is a bit wider showing that it is full of flowers and buds. It’s a nice Rose. The Dog Rose is still producing lots of buds and flowers.

It is great hearing the flock of twittering Long Tailed Tits approach from a neighbour’s garden, slowly work their way through the bushes and trees at the end of our garden and then move on to the other neighbour. Apparently the young can be being fed by older siblings – everyone mucks in to feed the little ones.

Here’s the index to the Days in our garden series.






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