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Day 73 in our garden

A study in Pinks.

These rain soaked Pinks (Dianthus) are new for this series and new for our garden. There are a lot of buds just waiting to bloom.

COVID-19 has made it a little more difficult to get the plants we have wanted after having the front garden landscaped early in the year. A couple of places we have recently had deliveries from now seem to have stopped doing that, even though for one of them it was part of their previous way of doing business.

The last time I went out shopping was March 13, until now. I have now been out to buy plants, and I did not enjoy the experience. When driving there are rules and recognised ways of behaving, many backed by laws, so people can stay safe and keep free of dents. We need something similar for when out and about walking, and for it to be adopted as the New Norm. It is no longer acceptable for the only rule to be try not to bump into others. It is not just governments, health services and scientists that need to learn from this experience, individuals need to learn too.

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