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Day 8 in our garden (Creepy)

We are now into day 9 and I am only now getting round to posting the findings of Day 8. There is a reason for the header image and the Wood Pigeon has its eyes closed because some of you might not want to look – Day 8 is creepy crawly day. I also know that others will be thrilled it is creepy crawly and not yet more birds.

On day 8 I moved a few plants around the garden and spent some of the time looking at what I was disturbing. There were thousands of worms, well, a lot anyway. I’ll get a photo of some for another day.

Quite a few Centipedes were unearthed; all were a similar colour but varied in size from 1cm to 7cm. This one is about 7cm and is a burrowing centipede Haplophilus subterraneus..

This is the only Millipede that I found, and is about 4cm long.

As you might expect there were plenty of Woodlice tucked into corners and under leafs.

Several of the plants that I moved had little green dots on them that suddenly jumped. I managed to get this shot of one of them before it jumped. Looking on t’internet shows similar looking things called Potato Leaf Hoppers.

There were a couple of pieces of wood in one of the vegetable beds and under one of them was this set of Snails. I can’t imagine that Snails have a family structure so why would ones of different sizes be near each other?

The wood also had several tight hibernating (?) Slugs but one had come out of hibernation and was creeping around.

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