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Day 83 in our garden

For Day 83 we have a new plant (weed) for the series but I think we are going to let them grow. The header image is of Tortoiseshell Butterflies. I posted a photo of one of these on Day 1 but it looks as though they are putting in another appearance as they mate.

The flower/weed is, I think, Hawkbit, a member of the Dandelion family; it looks rather nice.

These photos are all things that have been seen many times. The Blackbird is sunning itself. They do this to help spread the oils on their feathers and to help get rid of parasites.

The Dog Rose is teeming with Honey Bees that have their saddlebags full of pollen.

After a long absence we now have had Small Tortoiseshell butterflies back in the garden. This time it was two flying around together, or one chasing the other, and they landed in the front garden for a few seconds.

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