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Day 9 in our garden (Spider)

Though some of the wildlife I know is around has been hiding itself I have managed to get 2 new things for today’s blog post, three if you count the female Blackbird in the header image as separate to a male Blackbird.

Below I am starting with an OK image. The next one which is also the last is a Spider.

While putting the first plants into our newly landscaped front garden I spotted this Bee on the path. It was about the size of a Honey Bee but a bit furrier and more orange/brown. A quick look on t’internet suggests that this is a Tawny Mining Bee Andrena fulva. If it has managed to dig its way out of the landscaping no wonder it was having a rest on the path.

This little critter was in the middle of the path at the side of the house. I’m surprised it wasn’t squashed by the wheel barrow, or perhaps it was, which is why it looks a bit lopsided. Don’t ask me what kind of Spider it is, looking through photos of Spiders trying to get an ID is not what I want to do at the moment.

I reckon daily posts about new stuff in the garden might be getting to an end.

This is the index to the Days in our garden series.






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