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Denso Nature Reserve 13 July 2023

This set of photos tends to major on Ladybirds. I have included several photos that I am pretty sure are of the same variety, but not knowing what features to look for it is tricky to know if it is the same or different. The general colouring and spot patterning might be the same but the black and white patterning of the pronotum might be different. Is that then a different variety?

After getting to the end of the path often one of the first things I do is get a bit closer to the water’s edge. This is where I spotted several Damselflies. A group of staff and volunteers for the Aire Rivers Trust were working in the area between Sapper Jordan Rossi Park and the river, clearing the plant growth. I believe this is being done to help bring that piece of land back to a more natural state after years of grazing.

The first lady birds I spotted was on one of the kit boxes of the volunteers.

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