Denso Nature Reserve after Christmas II

I had another walk around Denso Marston Nature Reserve on Thursday 29th. This time I didn’t spot any Kingfishers which is unusual but after taking a photo of the Crow with its nictitating membrane over over its eye I spotted a Cormorant flying along the river.

As usual click on an image to see it in the gallery.

While I was on one of the paths on the far side of the ponds looking for Redwing I saw a speckled bird that looked like a very big Mistle Thrush. It flew over the path and landed in a nearby tree. Of course it was hidden from view so I carefully manoeuvred myself until I could see. Wow! What a surprise. With a beak like that it certainly wasn’t a Thrush. Its bright eye was also a giveaway. With its brown colouring and speckled chest rather than bars I guess it is a Juvenile Sparrohawk. After a minute or so it swept down through the trees and I quietly went back to the main path looking for it amongst the trees as I went up river. I didn’t spot it again and when I got to the feeding station the Dunnocks, Robins, Long Tailed Tits, Blue Tits and Rats didn’t seem any more wary than usual.

Just before heading home another walk by the pond revealed a Grey Heron with a very flexible neck.

I have submitted the photo of the fungus to iSpot Nature in the hope of an ID. If anyone has an idea please let me know.

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