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What’s this?

This site is for my interests outside the family that I am happy to show to the rest of the world.

It is made up of 5 areas. Paul’s Blog, Photography related pages, pages about Places and two links to other websites of mine:- Marfell Family Tree and BaildonWiki.

  • Paul’s Blog : a blog containing photos I have taken while out and about. To fit with the blog idea these posts are sorted by date with the most recent first.
    Painted Lady
  • Photography: a collection of pages that tend to be about the subject of photography or image processing or equipment or ideas. They are therefore presented in a different way to the blog.
  • Places: Pages giving some details of the places I have visited over the years. This is a way of bringing together some of the photos of particular places I like.
  • Genealogy: I have installed some genealogy software called WebTrees to display the Marfell Family Tree. This information has been collected by a whole army of people.
  • BaildonWiki – This is a separate website using MediaWiki software that I host and manage. It is intended to collect information about the history of Baildon – remembering that what happened yesterday will soon be considered history.


5 responses to “What’s this?”

  1. BRIAN FRITH Avatar

    Great photos from Binbrook…my dad was stationed there at exactly when lots of these were taken…..would like to talk.. 078…..468

  2. Zia Parker Avatar

    Hi, I’m interested in the reservoirs. The link you supplied is broken. We are thinking of a similar installation of adobe bricks, to protect a clay liner on a new reservoir being made now in S. Ecuador.. Can you give me a few facts about your reservoirs. When were they built? how long did they last? why are they now being emptied? do you think the bricks served well to protect the clay lining? I would so appreciate a little more information. Thank you kindly.

    1. Paul Marfell Avatar
      Paul Marfell

      It might be worth contacting the Friends of Baildon Moor

  3. Emma Avatar

    Hi Paul,
    I am looking for a photo to use of the Baildon Harley weekend and came across your great image. The photo would be used for an email campaign for Websters Fish & Chip shop in Baildon. Would you give permission for me to use it in the email going out to over 1500 people with a image credit on?
    Many thanks, Emma 🙂

    1. Paul Marfell Avatar
      Paul Marfell

      Yes. 🙂

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