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Holly Blue in our Garden

Sunday was quite pleasant and I spent some time in the garden, running in every so often to get my camera when I saw a tiny Holly Blue butterfly.

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The Holly Blues danced around the bushes and trees on the edges of our garden and usually disappeared into neighbouring gardens but a couple of times they settled. They are so small and when still on a plant they can so easily be passed over for a leaf such that several times I found myself focusing the camera on a leaf that was glinting in the sun. At one time there were 3 in the garden with two of them fluttering around each other and settling together high in the Hawthorn for a few seconds, presumably mating. One of them settled for a second or two low enough for me to get a photo of it so I think I can #celebrate that I have, at last, got a photo of one with its wings open. (#celebrate is this month’s theme for Bingley Camera Club. I think photos of Coronation celebrations are better suited to the theme though.)

A few Orange-tip butterflies were spotted as was a Speckled Wood that settled on the Cherry Blossom on the ground. There is still a lot of blossom on the tree ready to make a pink carpet. Under the Cherry tree the blue flowers of the Green Alkanet looked pretty. I think it is supposed to be a weed.

A while back I gave the Clematis a heavy, overdue prune and as a result last year we had almost no flowers on it. It is making up for it this year.






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