More Bradford Mill photos

Bradford BeckOver the weekend I was down by Old Canal Road and took some photos of Midland Mill and Bradford Beck. The ones taken through the windows were no good so when passing on Monday I stopped off to take some more. Across the road in a refurbished Ambler Mill were lots of office workers who watched us (Tom was with me). I think it was reasonably obvious what we were doing and I gues no one objected because we were not interupted in what we were doing.

It will be great is more of these mill buildings are refurbished. Either into offices or apartments. I think Pace have done a good job of working in Salts Mill and several people from Bradford Council have been round Salts Mill to see what has been done.

Click on the image to have a look at the other photos.

Dead sheep

I won’t bother to post a photo because it is not particularly pleasant but on Thursday lunch (1 Dec 2011) just below the weir at Saltaire, quite close to the north bank of the river, I noticed a dead sheep. It was trapped against a log with its legs draped over it.

I called into the lodge in Robert’s Park and talked about who it should reported to. I am not sure how it would be dealt with but it didn’t seem right for it to be left just next to the childrens playground. I suppose freeing it and letting it drift down to a less visible place in the river would be the most natural thing to do.

Goosander pair

Goosander pairIn the Spring I saw Goosander chicks (you can see them here on flickr) but since that time I have not seen any male Goosanders until just the other day (27th Nov) on the Leeds Liverpool canal at Baildon.

Does anyone know where the males go for the Summer?

Jumping Duck

Jumping DuckOn Thurs 24th November, Erica, Polly and I met up for lunch in Saltaire. Before having our own lunch in The Hub I scrounged some bread from there and we fed the ducks on the canal. Most of the ducks and seegulls squabbled amongst themselves over the bread but one in particular was either very hungry or less scared than all the others. It kept jumping up to snatch the bread from my hand.

I have never seen a jumping duck before. In fact if you had asked I would have said that I didn’t think they could.

DewThe other weekend when I was up on Baildon Moor to take photos of the dew on the grass I also took some photos of the fungi, lichens and plants up there. The intention was that I would upload them to flickr, add them to the Friends of Baildon Moor flickr group and perhaps link to them on the Baildon village web site nature sightings here. I then thought it was a bit silly to put the photos on flickr with Fungus 1, Fungus 2 titles.

Various attempts to use the internet to find the names of these things simply reaffirmed my ignorance.

I therefore uploaded images to ISpot and very quickly started getting responses.

What this also made me realise was that if possible I should take several photos to help with the identification even if I only intended to post 1 image to flickr.

My own IP address II

It appears that my host was wrong in suggesting that my own IP address would result in redirects from my sites using the new IP address. CPanel is used to configure the redirect and the host server will always be referred to in the header of the email.

A bit of a waste of time and effort. Redirected emails are still being rejected by some.

I am now going to investigate using Google mail.