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Manual settings

I have had a bit of a re-think about using my camera on program mode. On many of my trips out I have the Sigma 150-600mm lens on and my camera seems happy to try to use what I would consider slow shutter speeds. On my recent outing to RSPB Bempton Cliffs, for some of the time, I decided to set the shutter to 1/500s and aperture to f:8.0 or 1/250s at f:11 and let the camera choose the ISO for exposure. With my previous cameras I would probably not do this because the quality at higher ISO was poor.

With the photo above the camera selected ISO100 which is the slowest it goes. If the sun had been any brighter the image would have been over-exposed. This means that in future I need to keep an eye on the exposure guide or I need to have another re-think.

I can set a minimum shutter speed for the camera which involves going into the menus but when I am shooting at 17mm it is silly to limit to 1/500s or faster. Perhaps this is another use for the custom settings on my camera? Or perhaps I simply need to get into the habit of using partial manual settings.

You can see other photos from my trip here.

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