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In my blog the entries are time related and several feature the same place e.g. Baildon Moor or Denso Marston Nature Reserve. Places is to bring some of that together based on the place and not a particular visit.

Denso Marston Nature Reserve

Between the Denso Marston factory in Baildon and the River Aire. The warden, Steve, conducts frequent walks and talks. [see more]

Baildon Moor

Baildon Moor is a registered urban common of 399 hectares. [see more]

Sunset at the Trig Point

Shipley Glen

Shipley Glen  is the steep sided valley with Lodepit Beck and Cragg Hebble Dam at the bottom. [see more]

Rodley Nature Reserve

A wetland wildlife area with hides, lagoons, reed beds and feeding areas. [see more]

Adel Dam Nature Reserve

Part of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust next to Golden Acre Park. [see more]

Potter Pits, Shipley

An area for caterpillars and butterflies between Shipley Station and Bradford Beck. [see more]

Yeadon Tarn

Cormorant with big fish

Part of Tarnfield Park, Yeadon. Boating, fishing and water birds. [see more]

Redcar Tarn

A tarn up above Keighley with ducks, gulls, and some waders.

Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits

Previously gravel pits, now some filled some flooded. Plenty of wildlife and plant species.

High Royds Pond

A pond and paths created for the residents of High Royds. [posts]


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