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Denso Marston Nature Reserve & River Aire

Denso Marston Nature Reserve is a short stretch along the River Aire in Baildon behind the Denso Marston factory on Otley Road. Rather conveniently there is a lay-by on Otley Road just North of the white timber St James Church and the gate down to the reserve is opposite it. The Nature Reserve has its own website here where you can find out about activities and events. The map below shows the location and for those familiar with the 3 Word Address it is at “along pushy crew“, or you can use Google Maps. The shaded area extends further than the reserve both up and down the river. Down river I have stopped the shading at the footbridge over the river. From there you can cross the river into Buck Wood and the Leeds Liverpool Canal. Up river I have stopped the shading at the railway bridge. From the reserve to the bridge the path is stone slabs on top of stone retaining walls and takes you behind Charlestown Cemetery. Along that stretch is where I have often see Dippers and Grey Wagtails. Near the railway bridge you can clamber up to the footbridge or carry on to the footbridge and path by Lower Holme.

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The photos below were all taken at the reserve or along the river between the footbridge at Buck Lane and the railway bridge just past Charlestown Cemetery. Over the years I have seen a wide range of Flora and Fauna. I did try to limit the gallery to one photo per species.


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