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Shipley Glen

Shipley Glen is the steep sided valley with Lodepit Beck and Cragg Hebble Dam at the bottom. The reasonably flat area of Bracken Hall Green has also taken the same name into common use. For the sake of this page I include all the area from the cattle grid at Glovershaw to where the Lodepit Beck joins the River Aire at Hirst Mill Weir. I have also included Shipley Glen Tramway. The shaded area in the map is intended to show areas where things can be seen, it includes private property and fields with lifestock and is not intended to show where people can roam.

The photo at the top is of the lone tree on Bracken Hall Green. The gallery at the bottom of this page is of the same tree taken at different times of the year.

Great Spotted Woodpecker can often be heard in the woods of Shipley Glen but Paul King, a fellow member of Bradford Ornithological Group, pointed out the wood chipping under this tree and a trip back when things were quiet showed that he was right.

This is one adult leaving the nest hole as one is preparing to enter.

And this is a couple of days later with one of the chicks at the nest hole being fed.

And here we have adult Blue Tits with one of them waiting for the other to leave before going in to feed their young.

This Treecreeper is another bird feeding its young in a nest in Shipley Glen. Bracken Hall Countryside Centre organise many events during the year and quite a few of these photos, above and below, were taken during them.

Below is a small collection of some of my photos taken at Shipley Glen.

Shipley Glen Tramway. The photos below were taken in and around Shipley Glen Tramway. The area at the top used to be a funfair. The dodgem cars are no longer there but I saw several examples of photo shoots taken there before the building was demolished. The Tramway have their own website here and the Friends of the Tramway can be found on facebook.

And the photos below are of the tree on Bracken Hall Green taken over a few months.


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