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I have occasionally swapped back and forth between saving jpeg and saving RAW + jpeg. Well now, after a bit of digging around, I have switched to just RAW. I have a Canon so the file extension is CR2.

As a simple image viewer/reviewer I use Irfanview which displays an image for the RAW file and of course displays the jpeg file. So for a while I have been reviewing 2 files for the same photo, and deleting 2 files each time. A bit silly really. But then I often find that I don’t want to/need to use the RAW file – I am often happy with the jpeg file the camera produces.

I have now investigated the batch processing of RAW files using ufraw-batch and decided that I can create jpeg files quickly and easily from the CR2 files.

It appears that the CR2 file contains an embedded jpeg file that can be extracted using ufraw-batch. I have a .bat file that I can drop into the directory that contains the CR2 files. The file contains the command

"C:/Program Files/ufraw/ufraw-batch.exe" --embedded-image *.CR2

This very quickly extracts the embedded image which is not high resolution but is adequate for cataloging purposes. The batch file couls also be used to rename all the extracted files but I have not seen a need for that yet.

There are many options availalbe for use in the ufraw-batch program. In fact I believe that you can do anything in the batch file that you can do in the ufraw GUI.

A simple batch file containing

"C:/Program Files/ufraw/ufraw-batch.exe" --wb=camera --exposure=auto --out-type=jpeg --compression=87 *.CR2

will create jpeg files for all the CR2 files in the directory where the camera settings are applied and the file size is close to what the camera would have produced. These settings can be changed to suit the CR2 files and the original shooting environment.

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  1. Trying to use the batch command –embedded. However all my jpgs come out with the name .embedded. Now I was hoping their can be a way to remove the .embedded from the file name.

    $g{s/[.embedded]//} – tried using this to remove the file name but this didnt work

    \C:\Program Files (x86)\UFRaw\bin\ufraw-batch.exe” “$i” –embedded-image –out-path=”\\ip\EditFS\Admin\proxy$P”

    1. I suggest you go over to the UFRAW site. The things I post here are intended to let people know what I have been doing and possibly give people some food for thought/things to investigate. I don’t intend my blog to be a support forum.

      However, you don’t say if you have success that then started to go wrong as you tried more things. What is the extension of your raw files, I can’t see it specified in the command you use, in my example it is the *.CR2 at the end of the command. I would get the embedded extract working in the directory that contains the raw files before trying to change the output path.

      I have now switched over to Ubuntu Linux and could use UFRAW still but the last time I extracted any JPEGS from the CR2 file I used exiv2. I seldom use anything other than darktable to produce the JPEGs now.

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