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  • A Wren in Our Garden

    A Wren in Our Garden

    According to the RSPB the Wren is the most common breeding bird in the UK. I’m not quite sure how they can say that because I seldom see one. I guess I hear them in the undergrowth and I have occasionally seen little round brown fluffy things around the edges of the garden. On Saturday […]

  • Visiting Sparrowhawk

    Visiting Sparrowhawk

    I have been doing some long overdue pruning in our garden and now have a 4 foot high mountain of stuff to get rid of. I say pruning because if it is done properly the plants get healthier, ours might not survive. I did wonder if any animals would hide in the mountain but I […]

  • A Stuffed Sparrowhawk

    A Stuffed Sparrowhawk

    I got a phone call from my neighbour today. He told me about a bird in his garden that was tucking into a Pigeon. After looking through one of our windows I’m afraid I cut him off a bit short, he was telling me a bit about how it had progressed but I had to […]

  • Fishing Heron

    Fishing Heron

    On Saturday I went along to Salts Mill to take a photo of the Shipley clock from the carpark for a “Time” related image for Shipley Camera Club. I also took some photos of film props around the mill that you can see here. On the way back across the river I spotted a Heron […]