Saturday at Rodley Nature Reserve

Even though the enclosed hides at Rodley Nature Reserve are shut it is still worth a walk around the place. I went there with my camera (and phone for Ingress uniques) on Saturday. If you click on an image you are usually presented with a better quality view of it.

Before heading there I had my first walk around Parkinson’s Park in Guiseley. It was quiet in terms of wildlife but I might head back there in a week or two when I would expect to see more butterflies. On the way back to Netherfield Car Park from Parkinson’s Park I spotted the owl on the edge of a house roof. I don’t know if it is a disguised video camera or there to scare away other birds and rodents or purely decorative.

The Nest Bank of the Lagoon is being used by Sand Martins again. Quite a few of them could be seen swooping about and chasing each other. The island of the Lagoon had a couple of Herons standing on it looking a bit like old men.

A little further round the walk, near the Wet Grassland I heard a Buzzard and looked up to see one being hounded by a Crow. The two of them circled around for a couple of minutes with the Crow diving in to to make the Buzzard think that it could do better elsewhere. It then drifted off up river and started circling above another field.

There were many Damselflies around. I am not the best at ID but I think I have photos of Blue Tailed, Common Blue, and Azure. The path edges and grassed areas, all being grown to suit wildlife, were worth keeping an eye on.

Near the Scrub Woodland, in the top of a tree, a bird was signing. Its song was quite distinctive and I knew I had heard it before, but it wasn’t until a while later that I was round the other side of the tree and managed to spot the Reed Bunting singing. I later saw one collecting insects in its beak.

Before going back to the carpark I went out onto the bridge and watched three ducks creating quite a fuss. The female was being chased by male which frequently tried to cover it. The other male that had yet to develop its full colour seemed to be trying to protect the female and fight the other off. At one time the female was almost completely submerged with one male on top of the other with both on top of the female.

During my visit I had heard several Chiffchaff but they were all out of sight at the top of trees. It wasn’t until I had got back to the car park that I managed to spot one.

Uniques along the river

Yet another venture out looking for local Ingress uniques where I took my camera with me.

The photos from this walk were all taken on the River Aire near the Bradford Amateur Rowing Club. In between some of them we had a walk up river to Dowley Gap and a walk through Hirst Wood but I have put them all together.

We noticed a lot of Damselflies with the Banded Demoiselle being the most conspicuous, with several of them mating. In several places cuts in the river bank were teeming with small fish (fingerlings?). I don’t know the variety. And in one space, after trying to spot where a small fish had gone I finally focused on really tiny Fry – about half the size of a match-stick. The Heron on the river bank would have no problem filling its stomach with fish.

I took the photo of the Crow because it just seemed to be posing for us.

Photos from Sunday at the canal and river

I went out on Sunday again combining photography, walking and Ingress. Click on an image to see it at a better quality.

Just near the Beer Plaque in Ingress (on Saltaire Brewery) along the Leeds Liverpool Canal at Cygnet Way were some Cygnets. It’s nice to see them nesting along there. The Cob was keen to see off any of the Gosling chicks if they wandered too close. Along the sloping gardens of the houses of Cygnet Way were dozens of Canada Geese – nice in small doses but I bet they can get a bit noisy at times. The Goslings look as though they have full/bulging crops.

Some of the access to view the weir at Baildon Bridge has now been fenced off by the small businesses there. The only access is by the side of the bed shop. I heard a Peep, peep of a Kingfisher but didn’t see it but a Heron, Mallard and Black Headed Gull were on the weir. I couldn’t get a better view of the rubbish to see what name was on the bag.

Bit of a Catch-up

I am still going through and indexing photos on my computer. Hopefully, if I ever finish the task, I will then be able to find the photos that I know I took but can’t remember exactly when, or even in some cases, where.

For instance I know I took a photo inside a wine shop when on one of my Ingress outings. Searching for “Wine” comes up with several wine related photos, including some rather drunk looking people, but a photo of Wino’s in Oldham was not there. I wanted to show the photo to someone so I decided to hunt for it. It is now tagged and indexed.

I managed to find the photos because I also let Google track my location. By looking at my timeline in Google maps I could see the date I was in Oldham and because Ingress uses GPS I was able to narrow it down to within an hour or two. I could then look through the folders on my computer that are organised by date and find the Wino’s photos.

Next time you are in Oldham why not pay the place a visit. They have a great selection and the owners are very knowledgeable. I did blog about my visit at the time. It looks as though the Saddleworth Wine Vault website I linked to in my blog post has been moved to a new “name” – The website covers both shops – Oldham and Uppermill.

I have yet to come across the photo of a Red Grouse that I know is there somewhere. A clear shot of the head peaking out between the Heather. Being able to find those will help when putting together the wildlife slide show talks I have been asked to do. I have dozens of Red Grouse photos indexed but not that one.

This one of the benches in Roberts Park is from 2013. (It is taking me a while to review and index shots from 2013. There are a lot that I have not touched since taking them off the camera.) I’m tempted to try this view using the camera on my phone. A lot more of it would be in focus but that was not the idea behind the original shot.

And now onto 2014. I have just been through and indexed a few landscape views of Baildon Moor but this one is a chilly sunrise in Roberts Park – 8:23 20 Jan. New Mill chimney on the left, Salts Mill chimney in the middle and The United Reform Church on the right.

The photo above is of the bandstand in Roberts Park. Very colourful with its nighttime lights on.

I’ll save this as draft now and perhaps add some more photos before posting.

I have now come across a sequence of Heron photos that I had forgotten. This is the moment that the Heron lunged for the fish.

The fish escaped for a split second but was soon caught again. The Heron held on to it then rearranged it in its beak and tipped it down its throat head first.