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The Last From May 2023

I already have some pending photos from June so I need to get this posting done.

One trip was to Adel Dam Nature Reserve and the other up on to Baildon Moor.

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At Adel Dam the small pond, overlooked by at hide, had what looked like a couple of families of Moorhen with the parents busy dredging up little bits of plant for the young ones to eat. After spending a few minutes in that hide I went to the one overlooking the bigger pond and spent quite a while there with my thoughts. That’s one way of describing me sitting there with an empty head just gazing out over the water. I did see some reasonable sized fish, but that was about all. When taking the long way round back to the entrance I did get reasonable sightings of Great Spotted Woodpecker and Squirrel.

The other trip I have photos from is a walk along the North West sides of Baildon Moor. I had expected to see and her Curlew but not quite as loud and as soon as getting out of the car. As soon as I got out the car a Curlew took off from the other side of the road and started calling. It circled me and at one time flew towards me, looking straight at me it was saying that it didn’t want me around. After getting loaded up with my camera and setting off along the path they seemed to settle down a bit. They were doing their best to distract me and get me away from their young so I didn’t hang around. I didn’t see any young, nor did I see any Lapwing chicks later.

Along the North side of the Moor, next to the fairways, I did see Skylark and singing Meadow Pipit. Several times Skylark were in the air singing away, reminding me of Pink Floyd, Goodbye Blue Sky, “Look Mummy, there’s an aeroplane up in the sky.”

Other things spotted were Red & Black Froghoppers, Red Kite, horse rider, Wall butterfly, billberry but no Green Letter Hairstreak (wait for my first post of June), Oystercatcher, Lapwing and lamb that had already decided a thick woolly jacket was not good in the sun. It was already shaking off its fleece.




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