Wednesday at the Gravel Pits

Wednesday at the Gravel Pits

On Wednesday I took my camera down to Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits. I didn’t see the caterpillar the allthingsmothy had posted about but is was still worth the visit.

The photos of Hoverfly and Bumblebee were taken on the walk through. All the others were taken from the bench at the top end of the reserve.

The Kingfisher looks as though it was carrying fish for its young. Instead of the fish head being towards its throat, as they do when they are going to swallow it, the head is towards the tip of its beak. This would put the fish in the right position for putting it down the thraot of a youngster. The last Kingfisher photo is way out of focus but shows the number of flies on the river.

The Red Kite, when I first saw it, did not look like a Kite. It looks as though it has lost some of its outer tail feathers and so it did not have the characteristic “vee” nick in it.

The sharp eyes of Steve spotted the Brimstone Butterfly and I am surprised the photo came out so well, it was quite a distance away.

The Green Veined White (am I right?) was in our garden on Thursday. I first spotted it on the garden table and it seemed to be there for ages. I finally decided to get my camera but, of course, it flew off as soon as I opened the door. I watched where it flew to and managed to sneak up on it.

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