Photos from Sunday at the canal and river

I went out on Sunday again combining photography, walking and Ingress. Click on an image to see it at a better quality.

Just near the Beer Plaque in Ingress (on Saltaire Brewery) along the Leeds Liverpool Canal at Cygnet Way were some Cygnets. It’s nice to see them nesting along there. The Cob was keen to see off any of the Gosling chicks if they wandered too close. Along the sloping gardens of the houses of Cygnet Way were dozens of Canada Geese – nice in small doses but I bet they can get a bit noisy at times. The Goslings look as though they have full/bulging crops.

Some of the access to view the weir at Baildon Bridge has now been fenced off by the small businesses there. The only access is by the side of the bed shop. I heard a Peep, peep of a Kingfisher but didn’t see it but a Heron, Mallard and Black Headed Gull were on the weir. I couldn’t get a better view of the rubbish to see what name was on the bag.