2019 Celebration Day

There were several local things going on on Saturday. Both last year and this year I went to the Denso Marston Nature Reserve Celebration Day.

Last year I stayed down on the reserve after the Celebration Day had finished and got some nice wildlife shots. This year it was raining so I headed back home at the end but during the afternoon I did take a few photos.

I was also trying to pass on some of my photography knowledge to two fellow members of Shipley Camera Club.

A licensed bird ringer had set up a couple of nets and was showing people bird ringing. This Male Bullfinch looks none the worse for just having been in a cloth bag and then had a ring put on its leg.

Blue Tits and Great Tits had also been caught in the mist net and got their details recorded.

As expected pond dipping was one of the attractions with several knowledgeable people there to help.

Various creatures were scooped out of the water. Hopefully I will provide IDs for them all in due course.

People from Bracken Hall Countryside Centre had a stall and plants were a subject of conversation.

One sharp eyed person spotted this gall growing on a nettle.

The rain didn’t seem to stop people enjoying the day. Richard and Fiona had information about the Rights of Way in and around Baildon.

Joe Ashton, Baildon Town Council chair, came down with Jo Pike, a prospective parliamentary candidate, after having spent some time up at the Baildon Community Link Fun Day.

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