A few minutes at Denso Marston Nature Reserve

On Tuesday I went for a walk around Denso Marston Nature Reserve and along the river. The Nature Reserve itself has space but the paths along the river are a bit narrow in places with limited refuge, especially further towards Shipley, e.g. behind Charlestown Cemetery, so I felt uncomfortable on a couple of occasions.

It was a very dull day with little sunshine while I was down there so I saw no butterflies. The large pond has quite a few Water Lily near the bridge and I am sure it will be spectacular in bright sunshine when they open fully. Quite a few Ladybird Larvae were around. There is even one on the leave next to the Water Lily. The adult Grey Wagtail was with two other wagtails that were probably its young. The head of the wagtail looks a bit frazzled from the effort and stress of feeding the young but I think it a shame that it has to do it amongst the rusty steel, rubber, plastic and, what looks like, a fish ornament. The four Goosander, see header image, look healthy and I heard Kingfisher on several occasions flying along the river and managed to spot one on a couple of occasions.

I heard Blackbird, Jay, Wren, Robin, Wood Pigeon, Long Tailed Tit, Blue Tit and several others but they managed to stay out of sight most of the time. All they have to do is keep still and they will just not be spotted if they are in the trees or undergrowth.

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