Baildon Reservoirs

Plans to change the 3 Baildon Reservoirs into a local amenity are unlikely to come to pass. An engineer’s report has said that the lower two reservoirs must be kept empty. It is likely that the larger reservoir will be emptied once a way is found to safely divert the water. You can read more about the reservoirs in the Warden updates on the Baildon Parish Council website here.

As usual you can click on the image to see a larger version on flickr.

One of the gaps cut between the 2 reservoirs

Not long ago Garry Hudson of Duck and Dive, Shipley, had some great ideas for the reservoirs but it looks as though time has taken too much of a toll on the infrastructure.

The "wall" between the lower 2 reservoirs Top of the 3 reservoirs

At the moment a Gulls, Geese and a small number of Lapwing are using the reservoirs.

Lapwing at the reservoirs

The reservoirs have been used in the past by divers. This figure would have spent most of the time under water. I wonder if it was used for some kind of exercise/practice.

A steel diver complete with air tanks

You can read a bit more history of the reservoirs on Baildon Wiki here. At one time the Baildon Board of Guardians employed a Mr Bray to supervise the clay paddle for Weecher reservoir – see here. The stones lining the reservoirs will protect the waterproof clay lining from being washed away.

The layer of stone protecting the clay waterproof layer

Several years ago broken glass was cemented to the top of the wall around the reservoir. This has always struck me as a rather barbaric way of protecting property, especially if the glass can’t be seen from a normal height. The present owner has been asked if he could remove the glass, otherwise they may have difficulty with insurance. The glass is made from broken bottles and several have maker’s marks on them. I can see Glasgow, London and York in these fragments.

Glass on the top of the reservoir wall Glass on the top of the reservoir wall Glass on the top of the reservoir wall Glass on the top of the reservoir wall Glass on the top of the reservoir wall

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