Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits 20 July 2020

I had another trip to Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits on Monday. I am hoping to get some decent shots of flying Brown Hawkers but I only saw one.

On the same day I also spent half an hour at Potter Pits near Shipley Station, click the link to see the results of that visit.

What I did like was that I saw a Wren with a couple of Harvestman “spiders” in its beak, food for a youngster somewhere near. The header image is a similar shot of the Wren.

I also saw several Harvestman on Nettles. There were plenty of other insects too. One of the Bees has quite a collection on its pollen saddlebags.

I didn’t see as many moth and butterfly varieties as I expected, though I did spot a few Meadow Browns, Ringlets, Small Skippers, Green Veined White and lots of other white butterflies that never settled.

I took a few general views on my visit this time with some of the river and others of plant areas but also got up close to some of the plants and fungi. Across the road I managed to get some close shots of rabbits in the field and dozens of Jackdaw in the trees above the water treatment plant.

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