Blogging? My new SDHC card

Towards the back end of last year I changed my site from phpNuke to WordPress with the intention of posting stuff here. I have not been very good at that so far.

I need to get into the habit.

A few weeks ago I tried a different memory card in my camera. The one I had was supposedly a fast one but the one Michael had was faster. I shoot only in RAW now and it is noticeable that the frame rate is a lot slower than shooting just JPEG. But once the buffer in the camera was full I was having to wait longer between shots. With my card I could only shoot 3, or perhaps 4, frames before it slowed down. With the one I borrowed from Michael I seemed to be able to shoot 6 or 7 before it slowed down, and it did not slow down quite as much. Anyway, I have now bought the card shown below. With this one the frame rate does not slow down AT ALL. At least I didn’t during a trial of 25 shots. As digital SLRs go mine is probably one of the slower ones so other people with faster cameras may still experience a slowing down with this card but it will be no where near as bad with cards that are older than this one. The first thing I noticed about its speed though was during the simple task of formatting the card. The progress indicator just flew across.

Feel free to click on the link to buy your own from Amazon. Or click on the link to then go and find the 16GB card.

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