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  • Digital Asset Management and Linux

    Digital Asset Management and Linux

    For several years I have been using the Organiser within PhotoShop Elements to catalogue and tag my photos. I have found that having indexed and searchable photos is indispensable when preparing for some of the talks I have done. How else would I find the photo I wanted to use of the Grasshopper Warbler that […]

  • Shipley Glen Tree

    Shipley Glen Tree

    I am a member of the T&A Camera Club facebook group. Each month there is a different topic for people to submit photos to, and one photo is chosen each month by the admins as the “winner”. I have only submitted photos a couple of times but this month the topic is Changing Seasons so […]

  • A Glimpse of GIMP

    A Glimpse of GIMP

    GIMP is being forked to Glimpse. On several occasions when I have told people I use GIMP as an image editor I have seen smirks. Not a good start, and that is before I have started talking about applying masks to layers. The situation does not improve when they ask what it means and I […]

  • Thoughts on Birds of Prey Centre shots

    Thoughts on Birds of Prey Centre shots

    Here I have put together some of my thoughts on the photography aspects of the Shipley Camera Club day at York Birds of Prey Centre. It presented several opportunities to use different camera settings and techniques for the different situations we found. I felt obliged to go on the trip because I was promoting wildlife […]

  • Manual settings

    Manual settings

    I have had a bit of a re-think about using my camera on program mode. On many of my trips out I have the Sigma 150-600mm lens on and my camera seems happy to try to use what I would consider slow shutter speeds. On my recent outing to RSPB Bempton Cliffs, for some of […]