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Day 50 in our garden

Day 50 in our garden didn’t involve my camera very much. I did knock in some poles for our Runner Beans to climb up when they are ready to be planted out but that is hardly worth a photo. The Rose that I said had lots of buds on has yet to burst open.

The header image is a detail of one of the trees that has featured in several photos in the past, both of the tree, to show off the Pink Cherry Blossom, and of various birds in the tree. I have also posted a photo of the Cherry stones from the tree that I found in the Amphora, the ones with the little holes chewed in them by a mouse. The header image shows the early growth of the cherries themselves. We will get several Blackbirds in the tree later in the year eating their way through them.

During the redesign of the front garden we transplanted lots of Forget Me Nots and several Pink Geraniums. The Forget Me Nots have featured in a few photos in this Day in our garden series but Day 50 is the day one of the Geraniums opened a flower. Hopefully the others will do the same soon. The transplanting knocked them back quite a bit but they have survived. I did spend a few minutes looking on the internet to find out what variety this is but 1560 listed varieties on the RHS website got the better of me – Pink will do just fine.

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