Fish Pass at Saltaire/Robert’s Park Weir

In between the showers today I went down to Robert’s Park to see what is happening at the weir. Progress is being made with the fish pass.

It looks as though there is quite a bit of water having to be pumped out of where they are working. I wonder if that is because they have uncovered places where water is coming into the river from across Thompson Lane? I can’t say that I have noticed the archway in the wall of the river bank before.

It also looks as though the Herons are not letting the work interfere with their stalking of fish. In the second of the three photos of the fish pass work you can see an area of grass in the river just right of centre of the photo. Getting a closer look at it shows a Heron quietly watching what is going on, as seen in the header image.

Quite close to the work, just next to the footbridge is a tree with two of several Bradford No. 1AA Private Fishing Permit signs fastened to it. This is something I have kept an eye on since I first noticed it in 2002. There are two signs fastened to the tree because one of them, as of 2020, is almost completely covered by the tree. The second photo shows what it was like in 2002. There was only one sign on the tree at that time.

Something else I have kept half an eye on since it was built is the graffiti wall in the play ground of Robert’s Park. It acts as a separator between the play equipment and the skate park. I have taken several photos of it over the years and you can see an entry I created for it on Baildonwiki here.

I also went to have a look at Salts Mill where I used to work. Above the entrance there is now a Commscope sign but there is still an Arris sign just to the right of the door. Pace were one of the first companies to move into Salts Mill after it was opened by Jonathan Silver. Pace was acquired by Arris in January 2016 and Arris was acquired by Commscope in 2019. The other photo of the mill shows what looks like newly repaired and partly painted water tanks on the roof of the mill.

The last photo is of a complex array of scaffolding around the pipe bridge over the river. It can be seen from the end of Tennis Way off Coach Road. I have no idea why it is there.

One thing that I am taking away from the visit today is that it is going to be a while before I feel confident going out. I was amazed at the number of people that stopped within touching distance to talk to people they knew. Some of them standing and talking in the middle of the path to, over and from the footbridge. A couple of times I had to do U turns to avoid passing within inches of strangers, some of them could be heard coughing, and one group of youngish men, with one of them coughing and spitting, admittedly with some skill, but still! I think I will stick with trips up to Baildon Moor or Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits Nature Reserve where it is easy to maintain safe distances.

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