Harley Rally 2019

Harley Rally 2019

This August Bank Holiday was the 40th Harley Davidson Rally in Baildon. And the sun shone! This year was also the 50th anniversary of the formation of The Wrecking Crew, a Harley Davidson club, of which the Shipley branch plays a massive part in keeping the rally going year after year.

An amazing job had been done by the organisers of the rally (see Shipley Harley Rally) in getting all the necessary people involved so that the event could actually take place – no mean feat. The event itself was enjoyed by all. And then the clean-up took place. Fantastic! I have seen photos of the aftermath of the rally and they have made people wonder “Did it actually happen?”.

A massive thank you to the organisers, the bikers, the people working, the volunteers, the businesses and the public. And the weather.

Though the whole weekend is great fun we shouldn’t forget that one of the reasons for the rally is to be charitable. As usual toys, books, pens, pencils etc have been collected for the Children’s Ward at the BRI. In the past money has been donated to such things as a Youth Development fund and Riding for the Disabled. Keep an eye on the Shipley Harley Rally website where I expect they will give an update on the charities involved.

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The centre of Baildon looked great. The Farmer’s Market was held on Saturday morning and during that there were not too many bikes around. In the afternoon Northgate started to fill up and old friendships were rekindled. A new Rock was also introduced – Baildon Rocks.

With the sunshine and blue skies the view from the campsite at the rugby club was beautiful. The warm weather also brought out the grasshoppers. This one was on the wall between the two fields.

The rally is not limited to Harleys but most of what was around was not your mainstream means of transport.

The main event for the public is at 1:00pm on Sunday when Northgate fills with the bikes and they ride off down Browgate. In the past they used to then ride up Otley Road to Harewood House, I’m not sure where they go now. I think many ride round in a big circle and come back to the campsite.

With it being the 40th rally, and the town pulling together last year to make sure the rally continued, and with the good weather the turnout was good. The above “posters” show 214 Harley or Indian tanks that were at the rally – I know there were more around. I have watched a video and counted 332 “bikes” going down Browgate for the ride out.

After the ride out Northgate stayed closed which allowed the fun to continue.

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