Le Tour de Yorkshire

Stage 3 of le tour de Yorkshire had its ceremonial start in Bradford and then went round a few streets in Saltaire before heading down Otley Road, Baildon for the official start of the race. That is just far enough for me to be worn out before the race has even begun.

Plenty of areas were organising events for the day and Saltaire, of course, was no exception. Various activities were going on in Robert’s Park, the car park on Victoria Road had several stalls – Cap and Collar, and Edward St. Bakery and All Terrain Cycles – and Victoria Hall was open.

At the last minute I decided to go to Saltaire to see if I could get some photos. I had no idea how many people would be turning up to line the routes. The crowds at Saltaire were several deep on Victoria Road so I was pleased I had decided to take my long lens.


I wonder why this one gets to lead? All the other cars with bikes on top came along after the riders.


I think this is probably the easy bit for the police. Once the riders start pushing it a bit they will have their work cut out to keep the roads clear. They are using a rolling closure so they have to get ahead, stop the traffic, let the riders pass then get on to the next section.


And here they are.

PM7_8629They are all squashed up together until the race proper starts at the bottom of Hollins Hill on Otley Road.


And here are all the spare bikes. It is much easier to have a complete spare bike than to bother with a repair/replacement of parts. Do they repair the “old” bike as they go so there is always a spare?




And the helipcopter keeping an eye on things.


And a few seconds late the “End of the Race”


Now, where’s the fun?


Does this colour suit me? I hope so since I am a Yorkshire lion (!!??)

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