Not a “Good Game, Good Game”

I would have thought that most households that play computer games would also be “connected” households. Most games will also have demos or videos of the game that can be downloaded. A computer game is not something you need to go and touch, smell or try on before deciding if you want to buy it. As a result it is hardly surprising that high-street game shops are disappearing. PC games don’t even need you to buy anything physical. All you need can be downloaded once you have paid your fee.

Not what I would call a good game

The only way they could survive is if there was something that was there that needed your presence; something that you had to go and watch, or take part in, that would then make you want to buy something.

These two photos are of the sign outside the, now closed, Game shop at the bottom of Darley St., Bradford.

The other side of the Game

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