Redwing, Siskin, Mandarin Duck & Jay

I’ve had another couple of walks along the River Aire at Denso.

We have had Redwing in our garden again this year. They eat the berries on next door’s tree, fly to the tops of the trees and also rummage in the leaves under our Viburnum. The Great Tit, Bullfinch and Squirrel were near the Spider Club feeding station at Denso. The river is high and fast at the moment but the Goosander still venture out into the middle of it. This was taken from the Buck Lane footbridge.

On one of my previous visits I was pretty sure that I saw some Siskin but did wonder if they could have been Goldfinches. When they are in the tree with the sky behind it can be difficult to see any colour or features. On this visit though I managed to get some photos and brighten them up enough so they weren’t just black silhouettes against the sky. Definitely Siskins.

I also walked along the canal to Field Lock. Quite close to there I spotted several bushes and trees that were covered in Lichen. On the way back from the lock a pair of Mandarin Duck were paddling along with a group of Mallard. In the trees, down the slope between the canal and the river, I spotted several Jay flying between trees and managed to find one of them in the viewfinder.

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