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  • Holly Blue in May

    Holly Blue in May

    At this time of year, when the sun is on the back garden I often see Holly Blue butterflies flitting up and over the Hawthorn hedge. Sometimes they fly close to the bushes and then seem to disappear. Yesterday I watched two of them fluttering around each other and then saw where one settled.

  • September 2021

    September 2021

    During September I went out with my phone (for Ingress) and my camera. Calling at Redcar Tarn, Fewston Reservoir, Roberts Park, Baildon Golf Club and Yeadon Tarn. You can click on the images and see them better quality in their album.

  • Early August Butterflies

    Early August Butterflies

    I don’t know what causes the difference but on some days the Buddleia in our garden can be teeming with butterflies and on other days it is just thousands of bees and hover flies. Here we have a few photos of a busy couple of days on the Buddleia.