September 2021

September 2021

During September I went out with my phone (for Ingress) and my camera. Calling at Redcar Tarn, Fewston Reservoir, Roberts Park, Baildon Golf Club and Yeadon Tarn.

You can click on the images and see them better quality in their album.

Redcar Tarn

Redcar Tarn was quite busy with Geese, Gulls and Ducks (Mallard and Tufted) with even a couple of Runner Ducks. A few Pied Wagtails were jumping about catching flies, but over the wall on the other side of the road were quite a few Lapwing and Starlings. The occasional Lapwing flew above the water and one or two stopped for a splash about.

Fewston Reservoir

On the way to Fewston Reservoir I spotted a Kestrel hovering quite close to the road so I decided to stop – and so did the Kestrel. I did spot a few butterflies though. A couple of Wall Browns were mating in the field by Weston Moor Road. Along Moor Lane, bordering the same field, was a stretch of Hyssop that was busy with Bees and Tortoiseshell Butterflies. On the way back to the car I spotted the Kestrel again. This time it was on the power lines among a flock of Linnets. Given that I have seen nesting Kestrel at Salts Mill feeding on dead birds I was wondering about the wisdom of the Linnets hanging around with a Kestrel.

The walk around Fewston Reservoir was quieter than I expected. A Cormorant flew across the reservoir and tucked around the corner I spotted a lone Grey Heron. A Kestrel perched on a post, watching for prey in the field, gave me a wave. A small flock of Canada Geese did fly in for a paddle about. On the way back a couple of female Pheasants were keeping an eye on me as they slowly strutted away from me.

Roberts Park

Roberts Park has quite a few Ingress portals – hence the visit. Few people were there and the benches were occupied by people watching the cricket.

Baildon Golf Club

At Baildon Golf Club a male Kestrel apparently spends a lot of time on the overhead wires, watching for little furry creatures along the banks of Barnsley Beck and the grass around the car park. It also spent some time on the aerial on the side of the new club house – the old water authority pump/filter house.

Yeadon Tarn

Cliffe Avenue

The hedge around Cliffe Avenue park in Baildon is often noisy with Sparrows and a quick stop for Ingress allowed me to wind the window down and watch a few.

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