Whitethroat, Swallow & Swift

On 1st July I had a few minutes on Baildon Moor. I was looking for Snipe and Redshank but more visits are needed for those.

What I did spot though was a Whitethroat in a Hawthorn bush. It kept moving and was hidden most of the time but it did show itself a couple of times.

As expected a reasonable number of Meadow Pipit were around. You can see the distinctive long claws on this Meadow Pipit.

At one point I was near several Swallows zooming around. I made a couple of attempts to get a shot of them and failed. For a few seconds they would swoop around following a similar path but even then I couldn’t get a shot. But then one of them flew low between some bushes and some grass so I pointed my camera along the path and set focus at a distance in line with a noticeable set of leaves. I only had a few seconds before another Swallow flew the same route and I took a shot when it seemed level with the “landmark”.

Higher in the air than the Swallows were several Swifts screeching away as they flitted about. There has been some concern this year about how late Swallows and Swifts arrived in the UK and there are reports of low numbers of Swifts compared to other years but I have heard them screaming in their usual areas.

I am including a couple of photos from my garden too. This Robin can frequently be seen flying backwards and forwards in the garden, pausing on a timber frame or the back of the garden chairs before heading into the corner of the garden. It doesn’t have much of a feast in its beak but it does mean it has young somewhere.

Each time I go into the garden I have a look for Mint Moths on the Sage (success) and the Oregano. I also look for butterflies on the Buddleia but nothing spotted so far.

And this is the sort of view you get from parts of Baildon Moor. A 150-600mm lens isn’t the normal lens for landscape though.

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