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22 July in our garden

This is just a few photos of some wildlife in our garden late Thursday afternoon. I spotted what was either a Meadow Brown or Small Heath butterfly, I could only see the underwing, but I wouldn’t have expected to see any of them in our garden. So went to get my camera but of course it had gone before I got back. Since I had my camera out it only seemed right to take some photos.

We have two Buddleia in our garden. The Tortoiseshell was on the one near the back door and the Comma on the small one at the bottom of the garden. I am hoping to see lots more butterflies on the large one over the next few weeks. I saw a Holly Blue flitting through, one of these days one will land.

Most days we have a number of Goldfinch twittering away and flying to the tops of the trees along the back of the garden. We also have flocks of Long Tailed Tits that work their way along the trees from garden to garden. There seems to be quite a few juveniles amongst them, they have survived the Magpies. Last year our neighbour had a Long Tailed Tit nest and as each bird fledged the Magpies swooped and took them.






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