July 2021 Wanders

July 2021 Wanders

This is a collection of photos from several trips out. As with a few recent trips one of the reasons for the places I went was for Ingress uniques.

The first set are from around Tong Park Dam, then along a tiny part of the Welcome Way and then on to Baildon Moor, South of the Trig Point on top of Baildon Hill. This was on 2 July. I am not often over that side of Baildon Moor but was pleased to see and hear a number of Skylark and Meadow Pipit. I was also a little surprised at the number of people with dogs off the lead. In several cases the dogs were running into the longer grass to scare off the Skylark, Meadow Pipit, Linnet, Reed Bunting etc. completely unchecked by their owners.

Oystercatcher, River Wharfe near Addingham

This next photo of a resting Otstercatcher was taken on the River Wharfe next to Ilkely Road between Ilkley and Addingham. This was on 4 July.

This set are from a quiet time through part of Trench Wood, Trench Meadow and at the Hirst Mill weir next to Bradford Amateur Rowing Club on 9 July. I am not at all confident about my butterfly identification skills. Please let me know if I have got any wrong.

Below the weir it is possible to get to the water’s edge and look up river at the same level as the water above the weir. A couple of Black Headed Gulls looked as though the were displaying to each other. In their normal stance their wings are not stuck out in that manner. It was amusing to watch.

While I was watching I could hear a couple of very loud Wrens in the trees around me. For a few seconds one was in the tree close by and was there long enough for me to get a photo.

I was also watching a Grey Heron standing amongst some tree roots on the river bank just at the bottom of the weir. I don’t think it could see into the water and the fish it caught must have been on the surface amongst the froth and bubbles.

And then a large dog jumped into the river quite close to the Heron which then flew to the other river bank. The dog was owned by someone getting fishing tackle out of their car so they were probably happy for the dog to keep the Heron away.

The photo of the discarded fishing line was taken from the path by the river just up river from the railway bridge and Nab Wood Cemetery. Just to the left the fishing line is tangled in the trees.

These photos are from a walk around Yeadon Tarn on 11 July. The young Black bird near the bandstand was being fed by a male Blackbird. Pulling up worms and then pushing them into the open beak. The male then appeared to just pass the worms to it so the youngster had to get hold of them and toss them back itself. The adult then stood in front of the youngster and ducked its head down and touched a worm with its beak. It did this several times until the youngster ducked its own head down and picked up the worm. I can imagine the adult feeling a bit of relief. “Right, at last! You can feed yourself from now on.”

Several Swans were at the Tarn. Some of them looked as though they were getting their adult white plumage and were spending most of their time preening, rolling right over in the water and spreading their wings. As they spread their wings it was noticeable that some had much more developed flight feather.

During part of this “outing” I went to Golden Acre Park, Adel and Allwoodley. I spotted Red Kite on several occasions and got out of the car with my camera. This Red Kite was spotted as I was driving down The Quarry off Allwoodley Lane.

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