A couple of hours in March by the River Wharfe

Even though I have had my Covid first jab I still want to feel safe out and about. The river Wharfe near Burley in Wharfedale has plenty of space along the banks so this is where I went for a couple of hours yesterday. The header image is looking down river and shows that there is a bit of space. As usual you can click on an image and it should load a better quality version.

Not only is there some space but wildlife too. Soon after going through the gate I spotted a Little Egret and on a rock in the river and on near side were two Lesser Blackbacked Gull and an Oystercatcher. They were down river but as soon as I turned back up river I spotted 3 Mandarin Ducks (2 Male and 1 female) and within 20 metres of them 2 more male Mandarin Ducks.

As expected in this area I spotted a Red Kite effortlessly soaring the airways. A few Goosander flew by and two of them landed in the river near me. As I was watching them a Cormorant flew up river just above the water. Very different to a couple of others that I saw flying by at tree-top height.

I spotted another large bird and at first thought it was the Red Kite I had seen, but as it flew around and came a bit closer I noticed it didn’t have the tail shape for a Red Kite. And then there were two of them. I have heard of birds passing food from one to the other during the breeding season in this kind of dance but these had no food to share and looked as though they were trying to get their talons into each other.

And then on the way back Goosander and Oystercatcher. A very pleasant walk.

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