First Viewing

One of my recent little projects was to add a camera to a nest box. It has been up for a couple of weeks and had its first viewing at half eight this morning. I’m hoping that a couple will soon decide that it is a suitable place to bring up a family and move in for the season.

This is the 2nd video that the system recorded. The first one was triggered by shadows on the right hand wall as a bird was outside wondering whether to pop in. In this video you have to wait about 10 seconds before anything interesting happens. As you will see the view is from above.

The nest box is a standard one from the RSPB that they call James Wilson otherwise known as the Classic. Though you probably get good results from buying one of their nest boxes that already has a camera in it I did it the fun way.

I used a Rasberry Pi4, a Power over Ethernet HAT to sit on the Pi, a Pi Camera with no infrared filter, a little case for the camera, 2 infrared LEDs, a 70 Ohm resistor and a small piece of Veroboard. I mounted the Pi on a Vesa adapter so I could screw it to the side of the bird box and made a timber box to screw over the top of it with a slot at the bottom for the network cable. The LEDs and resistor were soldered to the Veroboard which was then clipped to the camera case and that then stuck to the centre of the roof inside. The ribbon cable and 2 wires for the LEDs were then routed over the top of the hinged side to the Pi. The other bits of hardware needed were the PoE injector and the network cable.

As I was building the Pi I checked that things were working using VLC but really the finished article only needs RPi CAM Control software to be written to the micro SD card in the Pi.

It is set to record videos when motion is detected – and it looks as though it works.

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