A few from 2020

According to DigiKam, the program I use to catalogue my photos and videos, I have saved 1,538 different image files from 2020. Here is a post showing some of the ones I quite like. During 2020 many of the photos I took were of our garden and the things in it, or things I could see from it. This was one of the pleasant things about 2020, the time I spent in the garden with my camera, looking for things that I would not normally notice. I took quite a few photos of the new flowers in the garden and it was interesting to see the variety we had, but I am more into wildlife so most of the photos I have included here are of things with wings and/or legs.

During the year I had a few trips out with my camera. January photos are from Denso Marston Nature Reserve and Yeadon Tarn. February was already starting the stress of the year but this was due to the floods. I watched the footbridge at Buck Lane get whacked a couple of times with what looked like fridge/freezers racing down the river.

In early March I went down to Denso Marston Nature Reserve looking for a Water Rail that had been reported. I had to be patient but it did show itself as did a Redpoll. This was about the last trip out of the house for quite a while so a lot of the photos will now show “.. in our garden” or “…from our garden”

It was July before I had a couple of trips out with me not intending to meet anyone. It’s great that we have spaces like Baildon Moor. I also visited Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits.

One of the good things about August was finding a Brimstone that was hungry enough to stay still feeding. Normally when I see one it is drifting up and down in the distance.

From September onward it was quiet in the garden but a few trips out to with my camera were quite rewarding.

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