Robert’s Park and Hirst Mill Weir

In another journey out to make sure the wheels on the car still turn I went down to Robert’s Park and also to the end of Higher Coach Road.

I had several things in mind other than getting the car out of the garage and they all needed my camera.

As usual you can click on the images to see them in better quality.

I have tried to keep up with the changes to the graffiti wall in Robert’s Park and on this visit I took photos of the two faces and the edge. I have added these to the gallery on the Robert’s Park page on Baildon Wiki. From doing a bit of searching on t’inernet I found that @bjthebear is the twitter handle for Benjamin James Holden (Website) an artist, designer, printer and musician from Bradford.

Just next to the play area with the graffiti wall is the new fish pass on the weir. I assume that the timber frame pieces that are still there means that it has yet to be completed. I think it is a big shame that it didn’t include a micro power generator that was planned at one time. It would have been something of interest and would have fitted with the advanced thinking of Titus Salt when he built the mill. However it was argued that Robert’s Park was for leisure and recreation. Arguments against the Archimedes Screw won the day. There was a worry that if the generator was built then there would be a greater risk of a traffic bypass being built through Saltaire. (Saltaire Screwed – website.) The Friends of Robert’s Park and Saltaire Village Society objected to the generator plans. A generator on the other side of the river at New Mill had been suggested at one time.

Beyond the fish pass and near the footbridge is a tree that is covering a large part of an old Angling Sign. This sign is something I have taken several photos of, the first I took goes back to 2002 and you can see that back then much more of the sign was visible.

I recently noticed that though I had posted some photos on Baildon Wiki of the Robert’s Park refit that started in 2009 I had not posted ones of the finished shelters. So today I took photos of the North and East shelters and added them to the Baildon Wiki page for Robert’s Park.

After Robert’s Park I went down to the weir at Hirst Mill where the water was flowing quite quickly. The weir is very different after the large breach was made in it several years ago. Instead of a level lip it is now made from large rocks that cause a lot more water agitation.

Over in Bull Coppy Wood near the Rowing Club were at least 17 Grey Herons. I posted similar photos a few weeks ago. So many times during the year you see lone Grey Herons so it is great to see them congregating at this time of year. They do tend to be tucked out of the way a bit though.

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