The Wharfe near Greenholme Mill

On Tuesday I took the car down to the lay-by on the A660 and walked along the River Wharfe up to the Stepping Stones on the other side of Greenholme Mills.

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The last time I was along the river here I spotted a Little Egret but not today. A female Goosander did oblige before flying away. I spotted a Cormorant further up river and walked carefully along trying to make best use of any cover. Before I got to it it took to the air and flew down river past me. I struggled to get a clear view of it until it had got past. After walking almost past the mill I heard and then spotted a Goldcrest flitting about the bushes. Along the path by the Goit there were quite a few Blackbirds and Robins and several Thrushes. On two occasions I watched a Thrush hop into the grass and bushes at the side of the path and kept my eye on the place. When I got level I kept walking quietly but looking to the side where I could see, between the leaves small patches of a Thrush and an eye watching me.

Towards the end of the Giot is a building housing the Greenholme Mill Hydro, AKA. Burley Hydro Scheme that uses a Kaplan Turbine to generate electricity. The gate posts on the road leading to it have a West Riding Anglers 100 year sign. Interestingly they didn’t take that name until 1978. And the name came about because they held their meetings at the West Riding Hotel, in Wellington Street , Leeds, until 1966. The weir near the stepping stones helps maintain the height of the water flowing through the generator. I have not been to this area before so I don’t know if the numerous signs on the other side of the river about bulls and private property are as a result of recent increased activity. Some of them do look as though they will soon blow away.

Heading back I started to notice the calls of more Curlew. When I was near the Mill I noticed, through the trees, a few coming in to land. A few yards further on there was a bit of a clearing where I could watch a flock of about 60 or so land.

During the walk I heard several Nuthatch. At one point, along the path by the Goit, I watched one in a tree while I could hear calls from both directions up and down the path.

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