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April Bradford Photo A Day – now on day 3

I have had thoughts about more disciplined attempts at photography and still have a couple of ideas that I might go for but this April is going to see an attempt to take a photo each day that in some way is related to the word from the @hiddenbradford #bradfordphotoaday challenge.

Day 1. Digital. For this one I went into Bradford to see if anything at the Life On-line exhibition at the Media Museum took my fancy. I also wanted to go to the exhibition again to prove that I was foolish in not liking it. I liked my second visit quite a bit – and so blogged. My first blog about Open Sauce still stands though.

I did not see anything I wanted to photograph for #bradforphotoaday digital day so I used a photo taken on Forster Square station.


I did this carefully as I did not want to get asked to move on as happened on Wednesday. Which is something I blogged about here. Which reminds me – I have yet to hear from the person in York that I asked about the official company guidlines.

Day 2. Up. That is not an easy word to take a photo of, or is it too easy? The sky is up. Anyway, for this one I tried to be looking up as I was walking around. My lunch-time walk, instead of looking for Kingfishers on the river, was a short walk to the car park of Salt’s Mill and back. The obvious thing that was up in the air was the chimney so I got a few shots of that. I also took some photos of cars going up Carr Lane that look as though they are up in the Shipley clock tower but they don’t really work.

The cycles suspended from the ceiling of All Terrain Cycles was a bit more interesting and different so one of those won the coverted privilege of being my day 2 submission.


Click on the image above to see the others that did not make it “Up”.

On the way home from work I decided to take a couple of different views, that could qualify for Up, of the United Reform Church – different for me anyway, I am sure many have done the same in the past.

United Reform

Click on the image to see 2 others of the church.

Day 3. Reflection. I had a few ideas for this one. I would have loved to get a few colleagues to rearrange their computer monitors and pose for me but a) I am not sure what the company would think of me doing that and b) I am no good with real, live people as my subjects. I therefore fell back on reflections. At lunch-time I did go looking for reflections in the canal and river but the weather was not co-operating.

However, on the river I did spot a Mandarin Duck. One of these had been around for a few years. But last year it was noticeable by its absence. This year we have an American Wood Duck to go with it. Below is the Mandarin. Click on the image to see it on flickr and its distant American Wood Duck cousin.

Mandarin Duck

In the past I have had some great reflections on the river and will be taking more in the future. Below is an amusing reflection that I managed to get during one of my lunch-time walks. Again, click on the image to see it on flickr and see the full image that this was cropped from.


For this day’s challenge I had to rely on shiny glass or plastic for my Reflection photos.


So the image above is the one I have submitted for the challenge. I have tried this shot before; the last time was in the evening. Click on the image above to see the other Reflection contenders.

This one, below, is the previous reflected Salt’s Mill photo


Below are the words for the rest of the month. I have now been back to this and added links to each of the postings for each day.

Day 4. Statue.
Day 5. Window.
Day 6. Tree.
Day 7. Made in Bradford
Day 8. Egg
Day 9. Transport.
Day 10. Door.
Day 11. Green.
Day 12. Station.
Day 13. Heritage.






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  1. Erica Avatar

    Up was interesting. I was considering a photo “from” up, rather than “of” up, then considering the radish sprouts, since you can only really categorise their movement as “up” despite the small scale. I’m happy with Polly looking up though, even though she didn’t do it as much as usual because of the cloud cover. Nothing to look at! You will probably notice I cheated yesterday and posted an old photo.

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